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Together, HFM will offer all plate heat exchanger users and specialists 

our best quality products and service experience! 

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HFM designs and supplies standard and customized plate heat exchangers. The optimized and high efficient PHE solutions and good quality products are trusted by more and more clients from various industries for their heating and cooling processes. 

HFM domestic service team together with our global service partners to share the professional service activities including assemble and disassemble, installation, cleaning, regasketing, leakage &pressure test, and refurbishment.

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The main types of plate heat exchagers HFM supplies are gasketed plate heat exchanger (plate and frame heat exchanger), brazed plate heat exchanger (copper BPHE, nickel BPHE, stainless steel food grade BPHE), welded plate heat exchanger (semi-welded PHE, all welded PHE, plate and shell heat exchanger), and PHE condenser and evaporator. 

HFM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of multi-brand spares replacement of plate heat exchanger in the market. We provide top quality plates and gaskets of all the well-known brands at competitive price. The high quality raw material gaskets (EPDM, NBR & VITON) and plates (Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy) replacement for Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Tranter, Sondex, Hisaka, Vicarb, Sigma, Mueller etc.

HFMCLOUD offers integrated online services from heat exchanger products, technical solutions and on-site services,calculation design, logistics and inventory etc to all heat exchanger users.

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HFM plate heat exchangers are applied in industrial sections:

Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Food and Beverage, Paper and Pulp, Chemical, Steel Production, HVAC, Waste Water Treatment, Mining, Construction HVAC, etc.

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