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Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Relying on application practices, Fully Welded Plate Heat Exchangers are widely applied in oil and gas industry, refinery applications, pharmaceutical industry, chemical/petrochemical industry. 

Bloc Heat Exchanger
It is a compact solution to work in high operating pressures, and high or low operating temperatures. HFM can make the replacement of  the Alfa Laval compact bloc heat exchanger.


• no interplate gaskets
• accessible on both sides
• easier to access & easier to clean
• closer temperature approach possible
• compactness – very little space required
• lower capital cost
• low-maintenance

• fully welded by robot

It is available in several models, ranging from 2.4 sqm, up to 1,530 sqm of heat transfer area. Design Pressure: Vacuum / 50 barg. Design Temperature: - 40 °C / 400 ºC. 

Available Materials:

• SS316L (Standard)
• Titanium & Titanium + 0.2 Pd.
• Hastelloy® C-2000, C-276, C-22, B2
• Avesta 254 SMO, 904L
• Nickel

vertical unit   Verticle Unit horizental unit Horizental Unit


Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger



The Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger is particularly offered for heating and cooling of aggressive media. Two corrugated plates are positioned back to back and welded together as "cassette" by laser, along the sealing groove designed for the gasket of the semi welded PHE. 

The semi-welded plate for PHE is specially offered for aggressive media. Generally, two pieces of PHE stainless steel plates are welded back to back by laser along the sealing groove for the gasket to form the plate cassette. Each cassette is sealed with a gasket. The refrigerant flows from one cassette to the other, contacting with only two of the four ring gaskets at the inlet and the outlet.




What are the advantages of Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger? 


1. Wide temperature range from -38℃ to 200℃

2. Maximum design pressure up to 30 bar

3. Rigid mechanical construction

4. Outstanding leakproofness for high safety

5. Capacity in handling aggressive media

6. Adjustable size, compact structure, small space


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